Closing Night Gala Ellipsis

SWIFF 2018’s grand finale takes a moonlit walk through Sydney in David Wenham’s directorial debut, Ellipsis.

The directorial debut of Australian acting icon David Wenham (Beyond the Known World, Lord of the Rings), Ellipsis was workshopped for 3 days and shot in 7 – a blistering pace for a feature film production. Already critically acclaimed across the board as it makes its way through the film festival circuit, Wenham has been likened to Richard Linklater for his directorial style in films such as the Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy.

Set to the backdrop of Sydney, Ellipsis takes the audience walking and talking, sightseeing and waxing philosophical, after the chance meeting of two strangers, Jasper (Benedict Samuel) and Viv (Emily Barclay), on a night out wandering from Bondi to King’s Cross.

The Closing Night Gala screening of Ellipsis will be followed by a Q&A with director David Wenham. The beat goes on as we get the afterparty started over at the SWIFF Pop-up Bar at South Coffs Island (Harbour quarry). Dance out the 2018 festival to a DJ set by Tim Helmy against the backdrop of cliff face projections from SWIFF Light Box. Closing Night Gala attendees receive free admission into the afterparty.


Tickets $40 | $35 concession | Members prices available