SWIFF 2020 Preview Gala Film Announced

Saturday, December 7th at the Jetty Memorial Theatre

This Summer will see audiences flock to the Coffs Coast in their thousands to attend the Screenwave International Film Festival, which confirmed its fifth festival dates this week, presented across 16 days from as January 9th to the 24th, 2020.  


The line-up for upcoming festival will be announced at the SWIFF 2020 Preview Gala on Saturday, December 7th at the Jetty Memorial Theatre, and will include a screening of the New South Wales premiere of the SXSW Audience Award winning film, THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON.


The film sees Tyler, in a career best performance by Shia LeBeouf, skirt conflict wherever he goes, scratching out a simple life as a crab fisherman in sun-drenched North Carolina.

Zak, in a breakout role by newcomer Zack Gottasgen, a 22-year old man with Down’s Syndrome, has been relegated to living with residents three and four time his age in a retirement home, with no family and nowhere else to go. He watches old wrestling films with his elderly roommate all day, but wants something more.

With Zak and Tyler both desperately seeking change in their lives, they separately escape their surroundings, meeting up by chance, and becoming unlikely travel companions. What follows is a Huckleberry Finn road movie adventure through the deep south, as the two attempt to evade capture and fulfil Zak’s dream of becoming a pro wrestling superstar.

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