Credits & Thanks


Artistic Director: Kate Howat
Marketing & Sponsorship: Dave Horsley
Brand Manager: Julie Toussaint
Digital Design: Benjamin Toussaint
Events Manager: Stephanie Ney
Risk Management: Pete Papandrea
Publicity/Guests: Colleen O’Brien
Festival Trailer: Mirco Guidon



Screenwave International Film Festival would like to thank the following people for making a significant contribution to the inaugural festival:
Natalie Boyle, David Brammah, Hilary Davies, Paul & Alison Cauchi, Kev & Lowanna Doyle, Ben & Tara Eckersley, Liz Jones, Matt Deans, Kevin Williamson, Liz Keen, Sonia Fingleton, Belinda Novicky, Amber Kolo, Courtney & Laura Tune, Anne Shearer, Simon Chladhil, Roslyn Ward, Annie Arnold, Craig Richardson, Chris Jones, Graham & Maree, Kim Towner, Bec Minichelli and the Groundworks team, David and Maxi at Hearthfire, Bruce Smith, Alice at Little Red Kitchen, Grainne Brunsdon, and Ted Rose.

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