The 2022 Screenwave International Film Festival will be held on the Coffs Coast in April. Local, regional, and national organisations come together to jointly present over 100 feature film screenings across the festival, with added events, filmmaker guests, and SWIFF’s dedicated regional youth film development program – Nextwave. 

Sponsorship opportunities are now open for SWIFF 2022. If you would like to speak about supporting the festival, developing arts and culture on the Coffs Coast, and connecting with our festival audiences please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will be in touch with you shortly. 


SWIFF sponsors drive the development of arts and culture on the Coffs Coast, enabling new cultural experiences, created by artists and creative industry professionals,  to prosper. SWIFF beathes new ideas into the local community and helps develop local creative industries. Supporting SWIFF changes the cultural landscape on the Coffs Coast. 


Nothing brings together a community like a festival. SWIFF has deep roots in the community, with the festival driven by locals passionate about where they live.  People make new friends, catch up with their mates, and make the Coffs Coast a great place to live. Your support of SWIFF helps us create stronger bonds in our local community. 


SWIFF has routinely grown in audience size by over 20% each year for the past five years, seeing 11,152 ticket holders pass through cinema doors in 2021, engaging advertising and branding opportunities exist throughout SWIFF in print, online, via mobile app, events, and on the big screen. Be visible to more SWIFF audiences than ever in 2022 and join our growing list of sponsors.

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