Festival guests

A vibrant piece of the SWIFF experience is getting up close and personal with the creatives that worked hard to bring these films to screen – and bring a story to life.

Attending a Q&A after a film screening is a great way to gain insight on the creative processes behind these films from directors, actors, producers and more – and a favourite past time for SWIFF audiences.

Here are the guests you’ll be able to hear from during SWIFF’23.

The Giants

Bob Brown – Documentary Subject

Industry Connect & Nextwave Youth Film Awards

Damon Herriman – Australian Actor

Keep Stepping

Luke Cornish – Director

Patrix – Featured Dancer

Return Chute: Survival of a Small Town Video Store

Rod O’Hara – Documentary Subject

Simone Atallah – Director

The Road to Patagonia

Matty Hannon & Heather Hillier – Filmmakers and Subjects

The Survival of Kindness

Rolf de Heer – Writer, Director

Mwajemi Hussein – Actor

Molly Reynolds – Executive Producer

Julie Byrne – Producer

Watandar, My Countryman

Jolyon Hoff – Director

Muzafar Ali – Documentary Subject

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