Gittoes paints a stark image with White Light

Producer Hellen Rose-Gittoes joins SWIFF at 4:15pm this Thursday (Jan 24) for the Coffs Coast premiere screening of WHITE LIGHT.

Together with  internationally acclaimed Australian icon George Gittoes, who has embedded himself in almost all conflict zone hotspots since Vietnam,  Hellen Rose-Gittoes embeds herself in an unexpected conflict zone for new documentary WHITE LIGHT – the streets and corners of Southside Chicago.

The largely black population give it the name “Chiraq”, as more Americans have been shot in Southside Chicago than in the Iraq war. In 2018 alone, there were nearly 3000 gunshot victims. The casualty list is fuelled by gang violence and urban poverty, with Gittoes painting both cinematic and literal portraits of gang-bangers, pastors, bystanders, and victims – a community that both has responsibility for and are by-products of this hostile environment.

Moving to “Chiraq” to live for a year, the filmmakers become part of the community, capturing filter-free, candid conversations with all sections of a community both fuelling and fighting against gun violence on the streets of Southside Chicago.

Hellen Rose-Gittoes joins us on the red couch at the Jetty Theatre to answer all of your questions, comments and insights about a largely ignored warzone on US soil.


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