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Becoming Colleen

Here at SWIFF headquarters we’re gearing up for more movie watching and on the hunt for those precious gems for SWIFF in January 2019!

One film in particular we wanted to share with you is an important local feature documentary that is nearing completion called, ‘Becoming Colleen: Finding the Shoe That Fits’.

The film tells the story of Coffs Harbour local, Colleen, an 85-year old transgender woman, transitioning from male to female. Having lived most of her life as Colin – a husband, father, policeman, film-projectionist and self-declared shoe fetishist, Colleen has had to negotiate her gender transition later in life.

More than a documentary about the transitioning of an elderly transgender woman: this is a story of Col and her wife Heather: two people whose love transcended their gender roles; a small community that comes together to support a woman in pursuit of her greatest dream; and how finding exactly the right pair of shoes can be a perfect fit.



Becoming Colleen is in post-production and has been selected to premiere at the 2019 Screenwave International Film Festival in January.

This is an important local story of which the Festival would be honoured to screen. We feel the story of Colleen and the wider conversation about LGBTQI ageing in Australia is one to be embraced and encouraged, particularly with regional audiences, for education and awareness around ageing in the LGBTQI community.

To help with completion funding for the film, tax deductible donations can be made through the Documentary Australia Foundation.



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