Ready to go Flying High!? SWIFF’s interactive screening guide

Surely, you can't be serious?

We are... and don't call us Shirley!

This screening of Airplane! (or Flying High) will be an interactive audience experience unlike the world has ever seen (literally! We made it up!). This means you can expect:

  1. CUES from the film (watch for cues from our friendly flight attendants)

  2. YELLING from the audience in response.

  3. THROWING STUFF! Yeah, that’s right, you’re gonna be throwing stuff.

  4. DRESS UP! Come dressed in your best Airplane-inspired attire and win a SWIFF 6 Film Pass!

Part 1: What to Bring (some also supplied on the night)

1. Paper Airplanes

2. Playing cards

3. Paper cups

4. A great sense of humour!

Part 2: Cues & Responses (ie, yelling at the screen)

Look to our friendly flight attendants with traffic control wands to help you!

  • When Gundersen (Jonathan Banks AKA Mike Ehrmantraut) checks oven (or whenever appears) yell ‘Baking Bad’

  • Throw a paper cup over your right shoulder every time the drinking problem bit happens

  • When Lesley Nielsen (Dr. Rumack) says ‘And don’t call me Shirley’, yell, SHIRLEY!!!!

  • Whenever you hear Captain Over’s name mentioned yell ‘Clearance Clarence’

  • Throw paper planes for each “What is it?” “That’s not important right now” gags

  • Wave arms for various flash back sequences

  • Tilt head and turn and smile to the person next to you when Randy plays guitar to the sick girl

  • Throw a playing card when the girl guide fight kicks off

  • Stand and do the Stayin Alive ‘arm in the air’ dance move when the song comes on or do the knife in bag dance move

  • When flight attendant announces ‘Alright everyone, get in crash positions’…assume crash positions in seat

Enjoy and have a safe flight!

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