SWIFF Picks – What’s on Saige Browne’s 6 Pass

My Film Pass Picks - Saige Browne

Films. They’re good. Not just good harmless fun and an afternoon in the airconditioning (doesn’t hurt though) – movies let us connect with stories from around the world, from every perspective. From the risky to the heartwarming, the in-your-face to the slow movers. I love a movie that makes you feel good, so here’s a few of those. See you there!

The Art of Self Defense

My favourite film of the festival. The Art of Self Defense is a total underdog, but the off kilter world building is so thorough that you really feel like you’ve stepped through the theatre doors into a dimension that is just off. Riley Stearns may well be the next big thing. Eisenberg blows every awkward-guy role he’s ever played out of the water here. A must see.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

‘every frame a painting’ is a term that gets thrown at quite a few films, but seeing Portrait of a Lady on the big screen is like nothing else. I want to live inside the brushstrokes of this film. As devastatingly beautiful as anything and one of the most perfectly crafted period dramas I’ve ever seen. Portrait is more contemporary than many modern-set queer dramas.


One of the best Q & A sessions I’ve caught at a film festival, I’m so thrilled that Josephine Mackerras will be joining us to share her SXSW winner, Alice, in Coffs and Bello. Alice exceeded high expectations, a deliciously intelligent, warm and deep character study.


I had the pleasure of catch a screening of NTL: Fleabag in 2019 and am overjoyed to have it as part of the SWIFF’20 program. I loved the series, but the original monologue matches (if not surpasses) the truly high highs and low lows of this both devastating and hilarious story. I honestly wish this had been my introduction to Fleabag.

The Beach Bum

I can’t wait to disagree with people about The Beach Bum. Superior to its predecessor Spring Breakers, though matching the Floridian debauchery, The Beach Bum moves slooooowly, stupidly and thoughtfully. Few films satisfy my love for both truly dumb comedy and poetry in motion, McConaughey and Korine nail it.

Beats / Blinded By The Light

Yep, I’m being cheeky here and doing a double up. But these two films so beautifully nail the JOY of connecting through cinema and music that I have to recommend a double feature. Hunt me down during SWIFF to hear my other 60 picks…

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