What to Expect at Closing Night

SWIFF'21 is coming to an end, but we're sending it off with a bang with a Closing Night Gala like no other!

This Thursday, join us for the annual Closing Night Gala and Party, hosted this year at our newest venue, the wonderful CHEC Theatre. for a night of live music, food, drinks and film! 

Beginning at 6PM, SWIFF audiences will be treated to canapes and complimentary drink service, as they enjoy the crisp autumn air and atmosphere of the CHEC Gathering Space , before heading into the spacious CHEC Theatre for the feature film, kicking off at 6.30PM. 

The incredible, powerful and intimate Mogul Mowgli will be screened, written by and starring Oscar-nominee Riz Ahmed,  Closing Night will be your only chance to see this provocative, punchy, powerhouse of a film at SWIFF. 

After the film, the CHEC Gathering Space will rock out with a groundbreaking live music set like no other, performed by internationally acclaimed musician Coco Varma, supported by fellow musicians Ben Walsh and Bobby Singh. Performing an Ethnocyberfunk set late into the night, both SWIFF bars will remain open, and we encourage you to, have a drink, have a boogie, and say farewell to SWIFF’21!

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