Headland performs live surf film soundtrack this Saturday

SWIFF Live 2020: Surfing The Arctic

Icebergs. Blizzards. Hypothermia. Just another day surfing the Arctic. 

See the adrenaline-chasers paddling out to the be in the world’s coldest line-up. This 90-minute dual-film session involves a unique screening experience featuring two new jaw-dropping surf films, A Corner of the Earth (dir. Spencer Frost), and Nordurland (dir. Ishka Folkwell), shot in the Arctic circle and produced by two different coastal NSW filmmakers.

Think warm thoughts. Spencer Frost’s A Corner of the Earth, shot in conditions ranging between -5 degrees and -20 degrees Celsius, follows an Arctic expedition to test the equipment and the wills of its devoted pack of surfers, including Frost, Fraser Dovell and photographer Guy Williment. In a constant struggle for daylight, big sets, and blisteringly cold conditions, sometimes you just have to surrender to the moment and enjoy the ride.

Director Spencer Frost will be attending the session to introduce A Corner of the Earth for audiences. 

Shot over one month in mid-winter Iceland, Nordurland follows five friends, including director Ishka Folkwell and surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner, as they round the fjords and mountain ranges, combat unpredictable, chaotic weather and icy road closures, trying to find the next wave. With the sun rising at 10:30am and setting at 3pm daily, they only get one shot at it per day. The conditions are brutal and the rewards unprecedented for these dedicated surfers.

Nordurland will be presented with an immersive live soundtrack performance by Headland (True Flowers From This Painted World), including a World Premiere screening of a new edit with the score completely removed and played live as a world first for audiences at SWIFF.

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